National Centre of Dance – Romania

National Centre of Dance – Romania

A vital institution for the development of contemporary dance in Romania

The National Center of Dance Bucharest is an institution whose purpose is to sustain, develop and promote contemporary dance. It is conceived as an open space and as an integrant part of the international choreographic context.

CNDB’s programs and projects encourage critical perspectives, the research and the experiment in the field of contemporary arts’ practice and theory. It encourages the rise up of an internationally extended platform reactive to dialog, reflection and debate.

Created as a dynamic and flexible interface between professionals and the audience, CNDB presents every year a dance season. Romanian and foreign contemporary dance productions and international co-productions sustained by the Center are performed in CNDB, offering a large panel of artistic discourses and aesthetic choices.

The Center also proposes projects in which the body is explored in its multiple forms of expression, in relation to a changeable reality. The projects create links between different discourse practices and gather creators from various fields.

CNDB creates and develops research programmes that use, in an active manner, the resources of the contemporary history, with a special focus on the personalities that have created the Romanian contemporary dance history. In 2015 CNDB will develop The Dance Archive – a project that aims to present – using recently discovered documents, articles, pictures and films – the history of modern and contemporary dance in Romania.

The Center organizes classes and workshops for dance professionals and for the non professional audience eager to get in touch with the language of contemporary dance.

Since 2014, CNDB organizes The National Dance Center Bucharest Awards – an annual event designed to recognize the efforts and to thanks those artists and personalities that supported CNDB and the development of contemporary dance field in Romania.

Sustaining value and innovation, vitalizing the entire choreographic environment, CNDB became one of the most generous spaces of creation, debate and artistic reflection in Bucharest.

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