The network membership has varied through the years providing opportunity for new partnerships to be formed, organisations to gain exposure and profile, and artists from different countries to be supported. Average membership tends to be 2 to 3 biennial cycles. The network actively encourages a fluctuation of membership to ensure that new ideas, aesthetics and strengths are brought to the table and to encourage regeneration and a balance of experience, thus supporting the dance community as a whole within the EU.

Past partners include major contributors to presentation of the art form: Danse à Lille, (Lille), The Place, (London), Tanz Performance Köln (Cologne), La Porta (Barcelona), Tanec Praha (Prague) and Die Theater Wien (Vienna).

Established choreographers for whom the network provided their entry into international touring include: Wayne McGregor, Russell Maliphant, Eddie Ladd, Régis Huvier, Nicole Mossoux & Patrick Bonté, Pedro Pauwels, Myriam DoogeBranko Potočan, Le Grand Magasin, Virginie Brunelle, Susanna Hood, Thierry Thieû Niang, Yann L’heureux, Roberto Castello, Ambra Senatore and Chris Haring.

Current Partners