Lucie Augeai and David Gernez

Lucie Augeai and David Gernez - France

LUCIE AUGEAI chose dance after studying Political Science and Law and obtained her state diploma of dance teacher and gives workshops in conservatories. She collaborated with companies like Pedro Pauwels (2011) Etant Donné-Jérôme Ferron and Frederike Unger (2012-2013), or directors, for example with Omar Porras for the Lausanne Opera (2012-2013).

DAVID GERNEZ started to dance late after his studies Computer Science. He began his performing career in Switzerland before working with Angelin Prejlocaj (2005-2006), Emanuel Gat (2007-2009), Company Linga (2009-2011), Nasser Martin Gousset (2010), the Ben Aïm brothers -CFB451 (2011-2012).
They began their collaboration in 2010 and were associated in the Adequate company based in Poitiers (FR). From this meeting the duet Nœuds in 2011 was created, which has been awarded several times and which marks the start of this artistic collaboration. The company bases its work on the analysis of human relations while its choreographic process are based on a fluid choreographic approach to movement and an engaged expressiveness.

Today the company has 4 pieces on tour and a new group project: JOB or how to approach our relationship on work through the prism of the job as dancer-performer.