Layers – Cristina Lilienfeld

Layers – Cristina Lilienfeld

About The Performance

The starting point for this project was an image of the human skin and how it changes with time, how it peels off and always regenerates. Skin offers a very expressive view of life, movement, death and raises questions such as; what guards the skin, what hidden emotions or needs are transmitted through skin and what’s the memory of skin.
In this performance, the relationship between movement and skin is explored as well; what kind of movement answer does tactile stimulation bring? What kind of emotional responses are generated through skin? How clearly can one communicate through touching?

The performance Lay(ers) is about vulnerability and the fight to get inside the emotional body, a continuous dialogue between sound, tactile sense and movement.

Length of piece: 30 minutes

Concept and interpretation: Cristina Lilienfeld
Sound: Brian Eno: The Big Ship by Portishead: The RIP
Produced by: Centrul de Cultura “George Apostu” Bacău and Centre Choregraphique Trois C-L
It is performed regularly at the National Dance Center Bucharest

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