Of the Earth, From Where I Came – Gwyn Emberton

Of the Earth, From Where I Came – Gwyn Emberton

About The Performance
Gwyn Emberton Dance is the dance theatre company of award winning Welsh choreographer Gwyn Emberton. The company brings together the highest caliber of dancers, composers and designers to create bold and exciting new contemporary dance theatre.

Expect intricately crafted but dynamically choreographed work that is visually rich and deeply affecting. The work draws on and responds to other art forms with the aim of exploring our emotional and physical existence in a wholly original and universal way.

The solo ‘Of the Earth, from where I came’ is inspired by Dylan Thomas’ poem Fern Hill. The body is part of the earth. His struggle between being human and his connection to the earth becomes a battle against the passing of time. 

Length of piece: 10 minutes 

Choreography by Gwyn Emberton
Performance by Albert Garcia
Music composed by Benjamin Talbott
Lighting designed by Ben Cowens 
Set and Costumes by Gwyn Emberton
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