About Dance Roads

About Dance Roads

Dance Roads is a European Network, dedicated to supporting innovative choreographers and providing them with an opportunity to emerge onto the international stage. It aims to give selected artists from each partner country a wide platform to showcase their work, and create and foster productive working relationships with artists and organisations from different countries.

The network currently hosts a biennial touring festival, jointly coordinated by each partner, which supports the transnational mobility of high quality contemporary dance works from choreographers in the early career stages. It presents short small-scale works, providing audiences with opportunities to view 5 choreographers’ work from different nations within one programme. The network partners each host two performances and a variety of workshops for the wider dance community, including pre and post show talks, professional development sessions, school performances and workshops, insight and networking events.

In 2016 the network celebrates its 26th anniversary and with the support of a EU Culture Programme grant delivered a new two-year programme entitled Dance Roads Open Process (DROP) between 2013 and 2015. DROP included promoter platforms, artists residencies, mentoring programmes and commissioned a mapping study of cross-border dance networks in Europe and created  www.dancenetworks.eu

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